Weekend recap

by Angy Tse

Woke up at nine, had a shower, got dressed and had breakfast with Sis. I could feel the breeze and sunshine once I stepped out of the building. I love the weather today. It’s beautiful.
Rejected J’s invitation for the gradation photo-taking. I lied to her that I’m not free. I just don’t want to go. Look, we met less than once in a year, and we hardly talk. I was not connected with her in any way. And honestly, I do not like her. She is a weirdo. Why would someone want to write a 100 words in FB status and then 200-words commenting to oneself?
Currently reading Letters to Sam. It’s a collection of letters that Daniel wrote to his grandson Sam talking about love, loss and wisdom of life.  Daniel started writing to Sam when Sam was diagnosed autistic at the age of two. Every single word in the letters has touched my heart. I went through the pages with tears.
I really enjoy reading. It, in one way, connects me with the world; and in other ways, changes the way I see the world.