Some days are good days, just because.

by Angy Tse

  • Some days are good days, just because. Work’s been easy, and the weather is so so so comfy!!  If  there’re things to be complained about, they have to be the evening lectures.  I’m not sure if I like the Tue and Wed lecturers. I can’t help myself focus on their speech. They read PowerPoint, com’on.  Hope I’ll be able to survive through the semester.
  • Had a dinner date with T on Friday. Can’t believe how we manage to talk for hours every time we meet. We see each other very often tho. T, you are smart, and work hard. I really wish you could get what you want.
  • Am thinking  of picking up a hobby starting Oct, say piano, or yoga, or  dance.
  • Put  work travel in 2012 wishlist.  Have no idea how I’m going to make it. But it’s been one of my dream since small.
  • Dream of you two days in a row. What is it supposed to mean…
  • Autumn is in the air! I’m getting excited.